Corporate Profile

Hydrotec Renewables Inc. - A New Concept of Hydro Power Design

Our team has an experience of more than 30 years in engineering, construction, rehabilitation and operation of Small Hydro Plants, as well as for the supply, installation and maintenance of machinery and technology for the conventional and renewable power industry.

We design run-of-river Hydro Plants with utmost technical accuracy and maximum efficiency, considering all relevant ecological and economical factors.

During our one-year study of the Philippine hydro plant possibilities we have compiled a most comprehensive database as: drainage areas and discharge data of rivers, annual rainfall, weather conditions, soil analysis, groundwater levels, irrigation, flood situations, condition/pollution of rivers, fauna and flora.

With our investment in the Philippines we will contribute with an environmentally friendly production of electricity to a sustainable future, reduction of CO2 emissions, cleaning the rivers from waste and by a smooth integration of Small Hydro Plants without disturbance of the natural environment.

Fast, turnkey installation with tailor-made power units, high-end technology and efficiency of turbines and generators, extreme long lifetime of machinery, low maintenance, at a lowest environmental impact.

Our Hydro Plants will have an additional positive effect on territorial hydraulic protection, river habitat naturalisation, ecological life, fauna and flora, fish and other organisms migrating up and downstream through fish passes and on flood control.

With the installation of high efficient trash racks, which were installed in all of our European Hydro Plants, tons of anthropogenic, waste and garbage materials will be removed from the rivers.

Our projects offer several benefits at regional, national and global levels.

The major benefit is the average annual contribution of hundreds of MWhs of clean electricity to the Philippine grid, reduction of brown outs, avoiding thousands of tons of CO2 emissions and a significant reduction of the import and dependence of crude oil and the operation of environment polluting carbon and diesel plants.

A maximum of the project works which can be outsourced locally such as: consulting, architects, civil construction, pipes, steelworks, cranes, transportation, electric works, transmission lines, etc. will contribute to the regional economy.

Turbines, generators and control units, high-end technology with highest efficiency and efficiency guarantee will be produced in Germany, lifetime of equipments 50 years + at a lowest maintenance.

Depending on the size and the installed capacity, for each project we will locally employ: operation managers, electrical and mechanical engineers, labours and security staff.

We are confident to shorten our predevelopment phase drastically and start with the actual development of several plants this year committing a construction period of maximum 1 year + (depending on location and weather conditions) – observing the lowest environmental impact – resulting in ecologically and economically well balanced projects with a pay back period of 3 to 5 years.

The weir's/dam’s regulating systems of our projects will improve the quality of the water by increasing the contents of oxygen in the rivers, contributing to a better water management, a greater stability in groundwater and irrigation flow as well as for a more efficient flood control.

As company policy we will donate or invest continuously a minimum of 5% of the annual profit into ecological, environmental (reforestation) and social projects.

Our local Legal Consultant:

Siguion Reyna Lawyers, Makati City.


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