Sustainable Small Hydro Approach

Hydrotec’s first priority was to apply a proprietary Project Site Selection criteria which initiated in 2009. Our team completed an exhaustive research effort to identify & qualify a premium portfolio of Small ROR Project sites from the hundreds of Philippine’s small/mini hydro site locations.

Thru the process Hydrotec’s team compiled an extensive database of hydrological, topographical and meteorological data-points in which site specific criteria formed the basis of Hydrotec’s decision to secure projects.

Site locations which have met strict Pre-Feasibility approval requirements including:

1). Historical Rainfall patterns & River Flow Rates that support Hydrotec Project Economic Forecasts.

2). Close access to Public Infrastructure including Toll Roads, Grid Interconnections & Corporate Power Purchasers for Water to Wire & Off-Take Agreements.

3). Project site attributes in which Hydrotec ‘s projects eliminate the need for tree-cutting or environmental disruption to flower or fauna or displace the communities of people living within Project Site locations.

4). Project Sites in which both political and public community support was supportive to achieve Voter approvals along with Land & Water Rights.

5). Project Characteristics in which civil excavation and build out are minimal and do not require “tunneling” or old school Hydro schemes which are capital intensive & take years to build-out in contrast to Hydrotec’s project build-out timeframes of 7-9 months and meet expedient DOE & regulatory reviews & approvals.

Hydrotec’s Project Portfolio now encompasses over 38 Small ROR Project Sites representing over 200MW of future installed capacity with additional plans to expand.

Our projects sites are located in the areas of Luzon and Visayas including sites along the Marikina River System and it’s Tributaries along with projects sites involving the NIA with the support of Indigenous communities based on Hydrotec’s eco-friendly project design and development plans.

6). Project Sites which are replicable to our sustainable design and have reduced exposure to Acts of God such as Typhoons and Earthquakes while enduring extreme weather conditions.



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