Project Communities

Hydro Power & Bulk Water Supply

In addition to renewable power production at project site, Hydrotec Renewable’s ancillary byproduct includes bulk water supply & sale.

Our high-end turbine & production systems combine filtration processes that results in potable water in high volumes for certain project communities including our Talisay project located in Negros.

Poor water quality is a serious concern within project communities and Hydrotec’s value-added contribution beyond the core focus of clean energy production also includes clean water supply that is consumable and reliable in meeting water quality standards acceptable for human consumption.

Philippines Water Quality Video :


In rural communities of the Philippines the deployment of renewable energy power supply provides the foundation to start building local economies.

Hydrotec Renewables is committed to providing local employment opportunities and working with our project partners in support of local housing & commercial development plans for local communities to increase attraction for tourism that can drive commerce for project communities.

A percentage of Hydrotec’s profit will be reinvested into our project partner communities for the buildout of organic gardens, schools and parks.

Samples ecotourism plan for the Wawa small ROR hydro plant in which the World Bank has provided development funds for the project community.

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