Project Timelines

Turn-Key Small ROR Hydro Projects built  in less than 1 Year from Ground-break to Operational.

Hydrotec Renewables begins construction of their first project series in 1st quarter of 2014.

Each of our Small Hydro Project  Site designs minimize capital expenditure required for  civil engineering which typically represents 70% of a traditional Hydro Project construction budget and require years.  

In comparison, Hydrotec Project budgets can reduce civil engineering & excavation costs  to less than 30% of typical Project Budget.

We are utilizing only the highest quality small hydro turbines from qualified German manufacturers which have over 50 year life and are installed with multi-year warranties and maintenance agreements.

Our German turbines are designed site specific that is aligned to Hydrotec’s project site portfolio attributes that include site characteristics that can provide optional migration or change out replacement of turbines to any one of Hydrotec’s  multiple site locations. 

Hydrotec Renewables Small Hydro Project  Sample Timeline : 

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